Humpback Whale tail, Brier Island, Digby Neck, NS

Seabird watching at Brier Island

Birds and Animals

Below is a list of some of the seabirds and other animals that habit the waters around Brier Island.

Look out for these on your tour!


Black Guillemots Great Blue Herons Petrels
Cormorants Gulls Phalaropes
Eagles Jaegers Puffins
Eider Ducks Kittiwakes Razorbills
Fulmars Loons Shearwaters
Gannets Murres Skuas
Grebes Ospreys Terns


Seals at Brier Island

Other Animals Encountered:

Basking Sharks Harbour Seals Schooling Herring
Bluefin Tuna Ocean Sunfish Sea Turtles
Gray Seals Plankton Swarms of Krill