Humpback Whale tail, Brier Island, Digby Neck, NS

The Vessels

We have two vessels operating our whale watch cruises, the 50 ft. Mega Nova and the 24 ft. Cetacean Adventure. Both are certified passenger vessels which meet or exceed all Canadian Coast Guard safety Standards.

MEGANOVA Cape Island Style

Mega Nova

The MV Mega Nova is a 50 foot fibreglass Cape Island Style boat certified to carry 50 passengers. It is equipped with an open viewing deck with seats, rails, bathroom facilities and shelter. It is a very seaworthy, stable craft and very comfortable on the water.

The name Mega Nova is derived from the scientific name of the humpback whale Megaptera Novaeangliae which translates to “Big Winged New Englander”.

Zodiac Whale watching tour in Brier Island, Nova Scotia

The Cetacean Adventure

The Cetacean Adventure is a Zodiac™ SRMN (Sea RIB Marine and Navy) 730, a 24 foot rigid hull inflatable boat, certified to carry 12 passengers. It is powered by a 4-stroke, 200 HP Yamaha engine. The ability to reach a speed of 35 knots enable us to reach the whales much faster allowing for more time spent observing them.

The Cetacean Adventure is a stable craft with fibreglass hull and 5 independent hypalon chambers. These craft are designed for commercial use and search and rescue operations and are very stable on the open water.